You are cruising down the highway when suddenly, everything goes blank when your car gets rear-ended, pushing it into the guard rails. In an instant, you’ve become part of the increasing number of motorists involved in road accidents each hour. You are able to get out of the car, hopefully with just a few cuts and bruises, but not any chronic injuries.

When you are involved in a car crash, seeking medical help for possible neurological injuries is advisable. Timely, prompt, and quality care for neurological injuries from Atlanta auto accident doctors can help address countless neurology issues, including recurrent dizzying headaches, numbness, ongoing pain, reduced life quality, and possible degenerative ailments. It is essential to understand some of the neurological injuries during or after a car accident. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

Traumatic brain injury often referred to as TBI, is the most common neurological injury sustained by car accident victims. Such injuries happen when the brain is exposed to a sudden external physical force, resulting in brain bruising or bleeding. At Georgia Neurosciences, we have successfully helped patients suffering from both focal and diffuse brain damage. For car crash victims with focal injury, the damage is confined to one area, while diffuse damage occurs in more than one brain portion. 

It is critical to seek quality and timely care after a car crash, even when you feel that you have only suffered a minor concussion. Symptoms of a brain injury might be experienced immediately, but oftentimes they manifest days or even weeks after an auto accident. For this reason, an Atlanta auto accident doctor advises recently injured patients to seek neurology assessment promptly. 


If you have been involved in a car accident, you may also suffer from radiculopathy. Radiculopathy is a form of car accident neurological injury where the nerves that leave the spinal column end up pinched from impact. You may also experience pain in your spine. If you are experiencing some unending lower back and neck pain, you should seek medical care as soon as possible.  

This form of neurological car accident injury presents as numbness, unexplained weakness, tingling, and pain. If not correctly addressed, radiculopathy may significantly affect the quality of your life. 


After involvement in a car crash, you may also suffer a neurological injury referred to as neuropathy—damage to nerves that are not located in the brain or your nervous system. This type of injury may not sound as severe, however, when your nerves are crushed, strained, or compacted, you are likely to experience significant discomfort. Symptoms may include weakness, unexplained prickling sensations, or numbness. Such issues may develop during or after the accident. If not treated, they may affect your productivity and ability to enjoy life, hence the need to seek immediate medical attention. 

At Georgia Neurosciences, we understand the intricacies of complications that arise after sustaining related neurological injuries from car accidents. It is important to visit a neurologist to get timely and quality care to address any pain or discomfort you’re experiencing. At Georgia Neurosciences, we have an Atlanta auto accident doctor available to help you all day, any day. We also offer a free online consultation and booking. 

You do not have to wait until the pain becomes unbearable or you start experiencing the complexities of a brain injury. If you have been in a car crash, reach out to our team of professionals for intentional, well-rounded, and quality care. Car accident neurological injuries can negatively impact your life in unimaginable ways. Reach out to our Atlanta auto accident doctor today to get the help and care you deserve.