Trauma is the external impact of any factors on the human body, resulting in tissue deformation and changes in the body’s functioning.

A car accident is one of the most common causes of injury and accidents. After that, a person needs urgent treatment and then recovery. Otherwise, the consequences can be extremely serious: severe movement restrictions, impaired blood circulation, muscle atrophy, difficulty in lymph flow, edema, general weakness, decreased immunity, and a predisposition to further injuries and diseases. The following injuries most often result from car accidents:

Many special rehabilitation programs have been developed to effectively restore all the functions of the human body after injury in a car accident. Thanks to high-quality rehabilitation and a doctor chiropractor, you can effectively restore regular body functions after traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and limb fractures received in a car accident. Moreover, incompetent and correct rehabilitation, a person can learn to cope with the irreparable consequences of a car accident.

An important nuance, without which it is impossible to recover from injuries effectively, is the willpower and the patient’s desire to recuperate as soon as possible. A great responsibility is imposed on the shoulders of loved ones of the person injured in the accident if they plan to take care of them on their own during the rehabilitation period.

It is essential to understand that effective recovery will take a lot of effort and time.

Stages at rehabilitation clinic after a car accident

Recovery of victims after a car accident is not a universal task but an individually compiled program depending on the type of injury and severity. However, in any rehabilitation process, the following mandatory stages are distinguished:

  • Restoration of the anatomical position of bones, limbs, and joints by surgical or orthopedic-conservative methods.
  • Building a mode of life, sleep, rest, nutrition, physical activity, the use of orthopedic aids, and rehabilitation equipment.
  • Elimination of puffiness and changes in the vessels; the consequences are inevitable with prolonged immobility of the limbs. It is essential to eliminate them as early as possible, avoiding possible complications in the future.
  • Creation of conditions for the restoration of muscle function. Increasing muscle tone and elasticity before returning to regular movements, you need to ensure muscle mobility and normal functioning to eliminate the likelihood of sprains, pain, and general physiological stress.
  • Restoration of the ability to move motor processes should be restored gradually. In addition, it is essential to monitor a gradual and timely increase in physical activity so as not to provoke a relapse.
  • Stimulating the work of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Rehabilitation methods after a car accident

Physical rehabilitation is one of the most effective ways to recover. It includes the use of remedial gymnastics and physical influences, taking into account natural factors. As a result, damaged organs are restored; the patient returns to the usual rhythm of life or learns to expand his physical capabilities in a new adaptive quality of life after a car accident.

There are the following methods of physical recovery.

Physical therapy is a set of individually selected training sessions aimed at achieving the target skill by the patient independently.

Used before training. Massage is used for strokes and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and central and peripheral nervous system. It promotes efficient blood circulation, thereby restoring muscle tone and preparing the body for stress.

Used during training. Physiotherapy exercises are a set of exercises selected by a specialist to strengthen, develop, and train those necessary to achieve the required skill. The respiratory and cardiovascular system is also trained by changing the position, increasing the potential of endurance.

  • Physiotherapy:
  1. Paraffin therapy and/or ozokerite to warm up a segment or joint when working with contractures.
  2. Electrophoresis with novocaine/lidocaine/aminophylline locally to relieve swelling and pain with muscle congestion.
  3. Laser therapy for long-term non-healing abrasions, wounds, and bedsores.
  • Reflexology during pre-massage and/or during passive therapeutic training.
  • A dietitian specialist can prescribe foods that contain essential nutrients and trace elements, such as collagen and calcium, which are essential for bone health, and recommend pharmaceuticals and sports nutrition products.
  • Ergotherapy restoration and maintenance of normal life. Teaching the patient and their family members to move, care, use technical means of rehabilitation, correct postures and ways to achieve them, and use household items.

Rehabilitation programs are developed individually by the doctor chiropractor for each patient after a car accident.

Features of rehabilitation after injuries received from a car accident

Features of rehabilitation after injuries received from a car accident

The main thing to remember is that rehabilitation should be started as early as possible, from the first days, as soon as it became possible, in order not to miss a minute of precious time.

Thanks to a specially selected set of exercises on multifunctional simulators, rehabilitation clinic specialists achieve tremendous results in early rehabilitation after fractures and injuries sustained in a car accident. Classes are conducted individually, even with patients who cannot move independently and those diagnosed with disabilities by traditional medicine.

Depending on the type of injury received, the appropriate form of rehabilitation is prescribed, which will help bring the patient’s body back to normal as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation after injuries, fractures, and injuries of varying severity is a complex physiological and psychological process. Talk to a specialist at the rehabilitation clinic who will put together an effective car accident recovery program for you.
Unfortunately, even the healthiest person can get injured. There are no restrictions on age, sex, occupation, or salary for a car accident. It’s just a coincidence that suddenly comes into your life and turns it upside down. Injuries can be of varying degrees of complexity; you forget about some after a couple of months, some after a couple of years. But none of them passes without leaving a trace and may unexpectedly remind you of yourself with serious complications that you could not even suspect. Therefore, it is essential to contact the rehabilitation clinic on time and take care of your health.